Success Stories

  • selva
  • Selva
    Selva a polio victim has completed his MBA program and is now employed.
  • kartiga
  • Kartiga
    Kartiga the eldest of four daughters of a daily wage earning carpenter graduated with an engineering degree and is now working in Chennai, India.
  • deepa
  • Deepa
    Deepa has graduated with a Nursing degree.
  • amroeni
  • Amroeni
    Amroeni is in the final year of a Nursing degree program in Indonesia.

Welcome to Sarojini Orphanage Trust Inc. (SOTI)

Learn how SOTI as a non-profit charitable organization based in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, provides university education to poor and handicapped High School graduates to change their lives. Started in 2004, SOTI received 501 (c) (3) status in March 2006 from IRS. SOTI uplifts disadvantaged youth in India and Indonesia. With SOTI’s assistance, they acquire professional training enabling them to make quantum leaps in their living standards.

  • Missions & Services

    Our mission is to touch the lives of the disadvantaged High School graduates from remote parts of India and Indonesia. Their parents can barely manage to feed and clothe them so that they can graduate from High School.

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  • Goals

    Empower physically handicapped for their studies and giving the hands to poverty graduates to be trained as Nurses who will become community health workers in villages.

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