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How will Corona Virus (COVID-19) Affect Women Health?

The Population Foundation of India (PFI) has advocated timely steps to guarantee women and women remain central to COVID-19 response preparation and recovery attempts. In the event of World Population Day, the NGO published a policy paper 'Effect of COVID-19 on Girls' which takes an extensive look at the various impacts of this COVID-19 crisis throughout the nation, especially on women and women. It stated that evidence from previous epidemics in addition to the present evidence around the effect of COVID-19 implies that the disturbance of health services places women and women in danger of diminished access to services because resources are diverted from regular health services, such as pre- and - post-natal healthcare, family planning and contraceptive provision and other reproductive health services. The restricted access to essential health services, including reproductive and sexual health services, will be harmful in the long term, PFI explained. "The COVID-19 catast

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